Transforming Australia's Real Estate Experience

Sanjeeta Saha
Sanjeeta Saha September 17, 2021

Transforming Australia's Real Estate Experience

The real estate market is a complex space filled with potential. From the point of selecting a suitable piece of land to selling it to a potential homebuyer, every stakeholder has a vested interest in ensuring that each step is executed perfectly.

With every stakeholder, the need of the hour evolves. The process begins with purchasing land to drafting the design of the property, finding potential buyers and then incorporating feedback into the designs before handing out the finished estate to the homeowners.

What Are The Challenges In This Process?

For years the current process has been embedded as the industry norm, however it still has its flaws. A lot of the steps are reliant on arbitrary future outcomes that are not apparent through the currently existing pathway, as well as the presence of risk factors that can hinder the progress from one step to another.

Enter Homelander

With the latest technology, even the most difficult challenges can be navigated with ease. Homelander is designed to bring ease to the real estate experience specifically in the off-the-plan market. With 25 years of experience in the real estate sector, coupled with 15 years creating high-end visual content for partners, we collaborate with our clients to interact, understand and find solutions for their specific real estate needs.

So, What Do You Get With A Homelander Partnership?

The reason why Homelander is revolutionising the real estate market in Australia is that the benefits of this collaboration go beyond just the products and services we offer.

One Integrated Platform

    Be it finding a suitable property for your next project, customising the design of a future home or providing an in-depth understanding of the property through high-tech visual representation, Homelander possesses the technological capability to provide well-rounded assistance to all our clients.

    Access to a Global Audience

    Thanks to our global partnership with Salefish, the lead generation of a property does not end with the sale. It remains available throughout the life cycle of the estate making it possible for future buyers to view it from anywhere in the world. This not only creates an opportunity for builders to reach out to buyers globally but also helps them build a reputation in the market.

    Streamlined Transactions

    The sales process can be a time-consuming and lengthy procedure with the need for multiple legal and sales documents. However, with Homelander’s assistance, this can be completed 75% faster with fully automated documentation allowing you to complete the entire process in just four minutes.

    High-end security

    The transaction software is the first and only real estate platform in the world to be fully certified by Cyber Essentials Canada. Allowing us to provide the highest level of protection to builders, developers and sales companies, ensuring the buyers experience an easy, safe and secure sales journey.

    Why Should You Choose Homelander’s Product?

    Changing the real estate landscape of Australia is not an easy task. To accomplish this to its fullest potential, Homelander has a set of products and services that gives it an unprecedented edge over the traditional off-the-plan real estate market.

    Pioneering Australia’s 3-D Marketplace

      Utilising our state of the art technology, we allow homebuyers to view and choose land, customise and match home designs and layouts as well as complete a purchase aided by the real-time data available on our platform. By eliminating unnecessary steps, we bring down the time spent in finalising a sale drastically and keep the experience stress-free for both the buyer and the developers.

      Facilitating Online and Mobile Tours

        Our online tours are compatible with any device and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. This allows home buyers to customise designs on-the-go as well as view the property while it is still in development. Giving them the ability to plan their décor, show friends and family and solidify a bond with their potential new home.

        A builder can also give their customer a tour of the property by simply sending them a link. A walkthrough such as this can foster communication and a collaborative effort to develop the architecture of the property together.

        Customising Marketing Content for Builders and Developers

          We do not end our work with just providing the tactical resources needed to sell a home. The marketing content that we create can be shared with potential buyers as well as investors using breathtaking 3-D visualisations and walk-throughs of properties.

          Integrating Virtual Reality

            Virtual Reality is no longer a futuristic dream in real-estate. With our VR applications, homebuyers can experience their potential dream home through immersive and interactive tours. This allows them to get a scaled measure of their space, making it infinitely easier for a true-to-life understanding of a property that might still take a while to see the light of the day.

            Welcome To The Future of Real Estate

            Buying and selling homes in off-the-plan real estate is about to undergo a major face lift. With cutting edge technology in tow, we are all set to add a brand-new dimension to your and Australia’s experience with prop-tech. To know more about everything we have to offer, take a glance here.