A Partnership for Innovation

Sanjeeta Saha
Sanjeeta Saha September 25, 2020

Making Australia's Real Estate Experience Global

Going digital has never been so important to succeed in today’s property landscape. As the world stumbles to find footing in a post-pandemic economy, real estate firms, builders and agents acting as early adopters of VR and online solutions have an edge like never before.

Transformative Tech in A Post-Covid Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has majorly impacted the traditional methods of property buying and selling. With social distancing as a prerequisite for staying safe, restrictions on commuting and the everyday consumer becoming more accustomed to remote solutions, the industry is scrambling to find viable methods of viewing, buying, designing and selling house builds and land estates.

From VR tours to 3D property marketplaces, Melbourne’s real estate industry has been finding its way. Homelander, along with Salefish, has been facilitating this transformation. With solutions designed to streamline the buying and selling process for every stakeholder – from the builder and designer to the homebuyer – this dynamic partnership is changing the way Australia can experience real estate now and in the future.

Tony Tadros – Perseverance and Grit

Tony Tadros – Perseverance and Grit

One of the brains behind the transformation of Australia’s real estate market through digital innovation is Tony Tadros. With 23 years of experience in real estate, Tony is a true visionary. Compelled to pick up the reigns of his family real estate business at the age of 20 after his father’s passing, Tony rose through the ranks with unprecedented speed and soon started his own firm.

While he was fascinated with the way real estate advertising moved from print and outdoor to digital, he had his eyes set on making his mark as a developer. It was during this time that he discovered the hurdles buyers and developers encountered during the property lifecycle.

Determined to give buyers real-time access to a property minus the friction and fear of losing out to another person, Tony received a government grant in 2012 to develop a game-changing solution with real-time processing within the house and land package arena.

Through his perseverance and grit, Tony co-founded Homelander to create the ultimate solution for builders, developers and agents in Australia by launching a partnership with the innovative real estate software solution, Salefish.

Homelander – Bringing property to your fingertips

Homelander – Bringing property to your fingertips

Being Australia’s first 3D property marketplace, Homelander is striving to create an experience that streamlines the entire property buying life cycle.

Collaborating with Homelander gives you a host of benefits – from selecting one of our state-of-the-art home designs to fit your future project to holding VR-enabled viewings for potential homebuyers.

Using Homelander, a client can experience the following features at their fingertips:

  • Builders can match and sell their designs through verified properties available on our 3D marketplace,
  • Architects can match home layouts and designs from a range of customizable options available on our platform,
  • Agents can help homebuyers experience their dream home through VR applications as well as mobile tours and collaborative walkthroughs from the comfort of their own home and
  • Realtors and developers can receive high-end marketing materials enabling them to promote to future clients and investors,

However, with the support and technological prowess of Salefish, Homelander’s incredible offerings reach their ultimate potential.

Salefish – Making Real Estate Really Easy!

Salefish – Making Real Estate Really Easy!

Through intensive research, Tony found out that the perfect partner to Homelander’s real-time solution for builders and developers already existed in Salefish. In his words, “it was like finding a lost twin on the other side of the world!”

So, in 2019, Tony partnered with Salefish to revolutionize the way residential builders and developers conduct their real estate transactions. Salefish provides a complete suite of applications, simplifying the sales operations and saving you time and money.

Salefish’s apps and software seamlessly integrate with your CRM or ERP software which simultaneously eases the work of your sales team and provides a streamlined experience for the buyer. With Salefish’s technology you get –

  • Reduced sales costs,
  • Opportunities to reach out to customers on a global scale.
  • A single platform for centralizing and storing all your closing documents and electronic signatures,
  • Faster and safer transactions irrespective of your customer’s location and

Complete transparency by accessing and sharing real-time sales data.

A Partnership For The Win

The Homelander and Salefish partnership is the best real estate solution for 2020. With most businesses going digital, this combination can transform your property business whether you are a builder, developer or architect.

Ready to get on board? Let’s transform Australia’s real estate landscape together. Drop us a message here.